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Our Cleaning Systems

Thats Clean Colour Coded Cleaning System

Creating clean, safe, healthy environments through top grade products

Below is a reference chart of our colour coded Cloth and Cleanser System and our colour coded Mopping System.

Reference Chart : Colour Coded Cloth & Cleanser system

BLUE cloth for glass / mirrors / stainless steel / hard surfaces    (Low risk areas)

blue cloth and cleanser


GREEN cloth for cleaning kitchens & office areas    (Medium risk areas)

blue cloth and cleanser


RED cloth head for cleaning bathroom areas (Toilets / Urinals)    (High risk areas)

red cloth and cleanser


YELLOW Shower and hand basins

yellow cloth and cleanser


PURPLE Intensive or specialist cleaning areas    (Very high risk areas)

purple cloth and cleanser



Reference Chart : Colour Coded MOPPING system

Orange Floor Cleaner

Neutral general purpose floor cleanser (used for all mopping applications)

orange mop


GREEN head for mopping kitchen floors only   (Medium risk)

green mop


RED head for mopping bathroom floors   (High risk areas)

red mop


BLUE head for mopping office area, hallways and all low risk areas    (Low risk areas)

blue mop


STRING MOP for specialist cleaning areas    (Very high risk or dirty areas)

string mop


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